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Current Issues

The PACEP officers, Board of Directors, Governmental Affairs Committee and staff are actively representing member interests before state government, insurance companies, and the boards and committees of other organizations related to the provision of emergency care.

In addition, the services of Milliron and Goodman, LLC, a government relations firm, has been retained to provide the political savvy and the organizational skills to advocate specialty concerns on Harrisburg's Capitol Hill. 

On behalf of our members, PACEP is currently monitoring the following legislative priorities​:

​​Surprise Balance Billing - SB 678 ​

"I think all would agree that a methodology for reimbursement of emergency services that eliminates most disputes while promoting transparency and fairness is preferable for patients, physicians, and insurers. We strongly encourage development of an out-of-network payment plan that requires no prior authorization for emergency services, does not penalize patients for seeking emergency services at the most appropriate facility, defines the methodology for reimbursement, including usual and customary charges."

--PACEP Immediate Past President, Todd Fijewski, MD, FACEP

Read SB 678

Read PACEP's Pennsylvania Emergency Physician Feedback Letter​ on Senate Bill 678

Opioid Prescribing in the ED - HB 1699 ​​​

"The opioid epide​​mic continues to ravage commun​ities acros​​s the country . By unitin​g as a medical community, we have the ability to put an end to it." --

 --PACEP Board of Directors Resident Representative, Erik Blutinger, MD, MSc  

      • ​​View the PACEP-endorsed ED Pain Treatment Guidelines



Clear and Convincing Standard of Evidence in Medical Liability - HB 1064 
"As emergency physicians, we are proud to serve as the safety net for our communities.  W​e provide federally-mandated services, in an environment that frequently requires time critical decisions for potentially life or death situations without the benefit of previous knowledge of our patients, and we do this in a state with a reputation as one of the worst in regards to medical malpractice.  HB 1064 would help to reassure emergency providers that the law recognizes the unique nature in which we care for our patients, and it will help to retain physicians who may otherwise consider relocating to other locales with more favorable malpractice environments."

--PACEP Governmental Affairs Chair, Erik Kochert, MD, FACEP



Psychiatric Bed Tracking - HB 858 & SB 1176 ​​

Help Make a Difference

Please join our grassroots advocacy network, the “PACEP 911 Network.”  By growing and developing our PACEP 911 Network, we will have a more effective voice in Harrisburg.  


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