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We Pennsylvania emergency physicians have been lamenting the ills of our professional lives for many years. The first professional ailment I was exposed to occurred when I started as an EM resident at Pitt 35 years ago. Many non-EM academicians told me I was wasting three years and would have to do a real residency at some point. That ailment is now as rare as a hospital administrator in the ED when you are boarding 15 in-patients on a Sunday.

Looking back over my career, I could fill this page with the many EM ills that have been eradicated. Anyone who has worked a shift recently or visited the ACEP and PACEP websites knows the health of our specialty is always being threatened. Some issues are like viruses that seem to be gone, then mutate and return with renewed virulence.

Contributions to Pennsylvania Emergency Physician PAC (PEP-PAC), of course!

All these issues were “created” by non-physicians. Your contribution to PEP-PAC is the best and easiest way to protect your professional health. PEP-PAC works as a safeguard to allow the identification of legislators that, no matter their political affiliation, advocate on PA emergency physicians’ behalf through PACEP’s tutorage. All contributions are spent here, in your state!

Taking action is as simple as doing what so many of your colleagues have done for years — contribute at least two hours of your salary ($500 or more) to PEP-PAC. (Your contribution must be personal. Corporate dollars are prohibited.)

We have made donating to YOUR PEP-PAC exceedingly easy. Do it TODAY. Our goal for 2017 is $20,000!

  • You can donate online
  • Mail a donation to PEP- PAC, 200 North 3rd St., Suite 1500, Harrisburg, PA 17101-1590.
  • Your employer may also have a payroll deduction plan to donate regularly to PEP-PAC. (Interested in payroll deductions? Call PACEP for details!)

Remember, anyone can donate to PEP-PAC, even regular folks like your hospital administrators. Our issues are their issues, too.

Your Colleague and Advocate,

Robert Whipkey, MD, FACEP

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