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​ED opioid prescribing bills are on the move in Pennsylvania. Emergency physicians are being targeted in the PA General Assembly and in the media.

Want to know what is being said and how you can respond?

Read the legislation in question:
    House Bill 1699
    Senate Bill 1228​

PACEP letter to legislators      ​(sent to senators, representatives, and Gov. Wolf)

PACEP's published reponse​   (Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Sept. 15, 2016)

We are not the problem, and patients could suffer if this legislation is passed. Let's focus on real solutions; we can't have people turning away from dependable care in the ED...they will turn toward harsher and more harmful drugs and may not receive the follow-up care they need. Send resources the patients' way.

PACEP ED Opioid Prescribing Talking Points

Learn more about PACEP's legislative initiatives


Pennsylvania's Prescription Drug Monitoring Program: What You Need to Know​

Querying begins August 25 and all Emergency Physicians ("prescribers") must register to participate.


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​​Help Make a Difference

Please join our grassroots advocacy network, the PACEP 911 Network!  By growing and developing our PACEP 911 Network, we will have a more effective voice in Harrisburg.  


​​​Addressing Prescription Drug Abuse

Watch PACEP member Kristen M Sandel, MD, FACEP​ speak out for patients and responsible opioid prescribing.​​​​​​




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